July 2019 Meeting Minutes

PRATT Board Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2019

Attendance: Juan Arce-Larreta, Meggie Troili, Andrea Sorensen, Sally Barraclough, Ken Jones, Taylor Greenwell, Becka Roolf, Jeff Attermann

Excused: Collin Dumke, Suzanne Weaver, Soren Simonsen, Dave Foster

Guests: Sharen Haurie, South Salt Lake Urban Design Director  


Juan Arce-Larreta, PRATT Board Chair opened the meeting at 11:38.

Board Business

Funding for 900 West to the Jordan River Parkway

The meeting opened with a discussion regarding funding for the last section of trail (900West to the Jordan Canal Trail).  We need approximately one million dollars to complete the trail. 

Andrea suggested that now might be a good time to start lobbying the state legislators. Sally suggested that we may want to send formal letters requesting the final amount.  We may also want to send letters to large donors.


Becka explained that funds from the “4th Quarter” Transportation Choice Fund may be available to complete the project. SL County received 40 million last year to distribute among the municipalities for various transportation projects, which included trails. The funds come from the one quarter of one percent sales tax increase approved by the county voters for spending on trails/transportation projects.  PRATT got 3.8 million from that fund.  This year SLC will receive a much smaller amount.  SLC is planning on using approximately 25% of their allocation on trails.  This would have to be approved by the city council during the budget process.


Andrea submitted an application to the Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant program and was awarded $150,000.  She has also applied to the state for a RTP grant. The grant awards are announced in August.  If the funding is secured, Andrea will put the project out to bid this fall, possibly October.


Becka said there might be time to submit to the County Active Transportation Fund (CATF).  This is local money that doesn’t have federal strings attached. The current period to file a letter-of- intent is over, but none of the funds were released for full applications. It seems to be in a holding pattern. There may be an opportunity to file for the fourth quarter time frame.


Total project cost is 5.2 million estimated factoring in inflation.  

$400,000 was awarded for project design.

3.8 million has been secured from the Transportation Choice fund

$150,000 from the Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant




Project Updates


The Army Corp of Engineers is requiring a 404 form from the county.  UDOT has already signed off on the plan.  Andrea feels certain that the approvals will be completed soon.  They are proceeding with construction documents.


Sharen raised concerns regarding emergency access for the section from 300West to 900West.  Andrea said that in event of an emergency, an ambulance would have to use the UTA Trax access.  Fire vehicles will access 900West to the Jordan Canal Trail using the same access as flood fighting vehicles from SL County Public Utilities.


Main St to West Temple landscape project is still under review.  A building in the area is slated to be torn down in the next 3-4 yrs which will affect the drainage.  Sharen is hesitant to conduct a large landscape project that ultimately will fail until irrigation and drainage can be established.  The area needs soil and rock removal and new soil brought in.  She has $200,000 for this project as soon as the issues are resolved.


Art installation for the north wall of the Draw is not funded. 


Sugar House Business District – Meggie is working on a public art installation for the north wall of the Springhill Suites Hotel.  It is a partnership with artist Chris Henderson.  There may also be a mural on the east wall of the Nordstrom Rack building.  The Colmena Group is funding the installations.   


Larger Area Circulation Plan – Becka Roolf, Salt Lake City Transportation


This is a collaboration project between SLC, Millcreek City, South Salt Lake and Holiday.  It is being paid for with Transportation Choice funds.  SLC would like to broaden the Sugar House Circulation Plan that was adopted in 2013.The massive amount of street reconstruction is providing an opportunity for improvements to the circulation plan.  This is a million dollar study.


Becka brought area maps and requested that the board make suggestions for better connectivity between various trails and areas that are designated for more intensive development.


The circulation plan recognizes that there is a general area that includes Highland Drive, 2100S and S-Line where a major portion of circulation is taking place.  For this reason the plan is being called the Greater Millcreek / Sugar House Circulation Plan but it includes areas of South Salt Lake and Holiday. 

The heart of Sugar House and downtown Millcreek City is only one mile apart.  South Salt Lake is working on sections of the Millcreek Trail that run through SSL.


Streets that are being reconstructed in SLC include:

2021    9th East from just north of 21st South to 30th South (city limits)

2023    11th East/Highland to 30th South (city limits)

????     13th East 21st South to 30th South (city limits)


Becka needs feedback from us regarding our “wish list” for various trail connections and street improvements to enhance all types of transportation.


Sally reported that she and Landon Clark met with the UDOT engineer who is designing the bridge rebuild on 13th East.  They have plans to only replace the decking.  They will not be adding more lanes or bike lanes, and they will not change the 1-80 ramps in this area.  To do a more extensive rebuild will require that the project be placed on the Wasatch Regional Council long term plan and will also require an environmental impact study.  Becka suggested that in light of the substantial growth in Sugar House and the plans for a city center in Millcreek, a letter/meeting be arranged to the Director of UDOT, Carlos Braceras.  She feels the letter should be sent from the SHCC.


Sharen said that South Salt Lake needs a Millcreek Trail crossing at I-15.  She also said 39th South is having a reconstruction project that needs a better bike crossing at 1-15.

Becka will bring maps with overlay of trails to our next meeting. 




Sally announced that Wasatch Front Regional Council will be holding an open house for input regarding transportation plans for 2020-2025. The meeting is at the Intermodal Hub Station tomorrow from 4-6:30pm.  This will be a good opportunity to express how close we are to finishing Parley’s Trail and our need for the rest of the funding.  We are also advocating for trail connectivity.


Sharen confirmed that the RC Willey volunteer project on the parcel located next to the S-Line at 500 East is on schedule for this fall.


Juan announced that Stacey from the Dodo restaurant is no longer with the establishment.  They have a new director who is not ready to sponsor and help with the race so the Dodo Dash is cancelled this year.


There is going to be a dedication of Ty’s Garden with a stone sign sometime in October.


Ken stated that PRATT should start to look at making an amenities list for future donations to PRATT.  This is something that could be put on our social media accounts.


Lynne Olson is looking for volunteers for a work project in the Draw and Hidden Hollow.  There will be another work project in the future.  The planting pockets in the Echo Canyon wall need to be cleaned out.


Meggie requested that we put a news article about the Eco Tones Exhibition on our social media accounts. 


Financial Report – Ken Jones, Treasurer

Ken now has control of the bank accounts.  In the future he will send out e-mail statements from the bank for our review.  Ken issued a $200 check to Meggie for the donation from PRATT for the ECO TONES Exhibition in Hidden Hollow.  He also has checks for Juan to reimburse for insurance premiums.

Balance in the account is approximately $27,000.


Meeting adjourned at 1:00