August 2019 Meeting Minutes

PRATT Board Meeting Minutes

Aug 14, 2019

Attendance: Juan Arce-Larreta, Meggie Troili, Andrea Sorensen, Sally Barraclough, Ken Jones, Taylor Greenwell, Becka Roolf, Soren Simonsen

Excused: Collin Dumke, Suzanne Weaver, Dave Foster, Jeff Atterman


Juan Arce-Larreta, PRATT Board Chair opened the meeting at 11:44.

Secretary Report – Sally Barraclough, Secretary

Meggie made motion to approve the May minutes.  Ken seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.  We did not meet in June.  July and Aug. meeting minutes will be reviewed in Sept.


Sally presented an invoice to be reimbursement for payment for 6 months for the post office box.  Ken paid Sally with a check from the account.


Project Updates


The Draw

There are plans to have a weed cleanup project in the next few weeks.  The county plans to weed and replant the east petal.  George Sumner, Sugar House Park Authority Board and Wayne Johnson SL County Parks representative on the board will discuss future responsibilities in regards to maintenance of the Lily.


Sugar House Business District

Sally reported that construction on the Boulder Ventures project has stopped.  Big D Construction will be taking over construction soon. 


The private street that connects Wilmington across Highland Dr. to McClelland/Elm is open and makes a nice bike path through the block to connect to the S-Line. Ken pointed out that because the street is privately owned, the owners may not be willing to provide a permanent easement for the trail (including signage).  He thinks we should engage with the owners to ask for a temporary easement that could be revoked if it doesn’t work out.


Becka will investigate who we would need to approach to make pedestrian/bike improvements to the private street.  PRATT will continue to support the trail being designated on Sugarmont south of the Boulder Ventures building.


Soren pointed out that at this point there is no comprehensive plan for how the trail connects through the Sugar House Business District. He would like us to advocate for a permanent solution for the last two blocks of the trail that are between Hidden Hollow and the S-Line prior to placing any signage.  There is an adopted circulation plan that is not being followed.  The plan is located on the SLC website.  Meggie will talk to the SHCC Transportation Committee about the need to study the plan and stay engaged as the plan is being updated.


McClelland Street will be receiving CIP funds for redesign/rebuild for the section from Sugarmont to 21st South.  Boulder Ventures and the Lowe Bros projects on McClelland have agreed to help pay for curbs and gutters.  There will still be a trail right-of-way under the southwest corner of the Boulder Ventures building on the corner of McClelland and Sugarmont.


State Street to 300 West

There is still a sign saying this section is closed because UTA and the County are still working on the licensing agreement. 


900 West to Jordan River Parkway

Funding will most likely come from the Transportation Choice Fund.  We still need one million dollars.  Juan will speak with Erin Litvack to get the application schedule.  The application will be made by SL County Parks and Recreation.  Andrea is planning on having all the bid documents and construction designs done in October. Hopefully the funding will be available in early January. At that time, Juan will reach out to private donors.  


500 East

The small parcel at 500 East on the S-Line is surrounded by chain link fencing.  RC Willey is providing volunteers for the construction of a small pocket park.  Sharen Haurie is in charge of the project. 


Board Business

Andrea announced that Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation is updating their countywide Regional Trails Master Plan.  This plan has been in place 20 years and needs to be updated.  Sally attended one of the open houses held at the Northwest Recreation Center and advocated for completion of Parley’s Trail and improved connectivity of trails that intersect with Parley’s Trail. The County is taking comments regarding regional trails at  Andrea stated that individual cities are working on their own trail master plans.


Wasatch Regional Council also held a public input meeting last month at the Intermodal Hub Station in downtown SLC.  Sally attended to again advocate for bike trails but they were mostly getting input on new Trax preferred routes.


The board had a discussion regarding the rebuild of the 13th East Bridge over I-80.  At this time, UDOT is not planning to widen this bridge to accommodate a bike lane.  Becka recommended that a letter be written either from the PRATT Board or the Sugar House Community Council to Carlos Braceras, Director of UDOT to make him aware of our concerns.  UDOT needs to consider the rapid growth in Sugar House due to all the new high density housing and the fact that the new Millcreek City center will be located less that one mile from the Sugar House business district.  Soren recommended that the letter be copied to Heidi Goedhart, the Active Transportation Manager for UDOT. Sally will write the letter.


Becka reported that there are large sections of the trail that have massive amounts of goat heads.  The section from Main St to West Temple is particularly bad because the soil was disturbed during construction.  Volunteers are needed to conduct a weeding project to take out goat heads, especially in South Salt Lake.  Soren said that they are conducting a Goat Head Bounty Program on the Jordan River Parkway.  Volunteers are paid $2 a pound for pulled goat heads.  Ken said we need to get started on the Parley’s Trail goat head problem right away.  Soren said in Oct there is a cycle of funding that starts for noxious weed removal.  It’s through the Dept. of Agriculture.  These are matching funds. Soren will keep the board appraised when the application process opens. 


There is a dedication planned for Ty’s Garden on Oct 11th.  A stone marker that recognizes his life-long work will be placed near the garden.  We will schedule a cleanup project prior to the event. Sally will send an email to determine the best date.


Snow barriers for the tennis club roof – no action.


Ken made a motion that we move the monthly PRATT Board meeting to the first Wednesday of the month because too many board members have conflicts with the second Wednesday.  Soren seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. 


Financial Report – Ken Jones, Treasurer

The past month’s expenses included $742 for Beehive insurance, reimbursements of $799 to Juan for insurance and last year’s Dodo Dash park fee.  There is a balance of approximately $25,000 in the account.


Larger Area Circulation Plan – Becka Roolf, Salt Lake City Transportation

Becka brought City/County bikeway maps for all the board members.  The map was a collaborative effort between SL County and all the county municipalities.  It shows trails and streets that are available for riding based on the comfort/safety level of that route.  


Becka also brought maps of the area that is being looked at for the Larger Area Circulation Plan.  These included aerial maps.  She is asking that we make notes regarding the trails and connectivity of those trails so that she can provide feedback from PRATT to the committee that is determining the parameters for an extensive multi-city circulation plan.  The timely input is very important as many of our streets are scheduled for reconstruction which will provide an opportunity for pedestrian/bike transportation improvements.


Meeting adjourned at 1:10

Next Meeting will be on Sept 4th