September 2018 Meeting Minutes

PRATT Board Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2018


Juan Arce-Larreta, Chair of the PRATT Board opened the meeting at 11:30.  He made motions to add two new members to the board. 

The first was for Meggi Troili, who is currently working on an advanced degree from Westminster College.  Sally seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. 

The second motion was made for Collin Dumke, who recently returned to the board meetings after completing an advanced degree from Duke University. Sally seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. 

Juan also made a motion to make Sally Barraclough secretary for the board.  Ken seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  Welcome new board members.

Andrea Sorensen reviewed the following Parley’s Trail construction phases:

Phase 3: 2500 East to 1700 East

·         The “one year after completion” walk through by the contractor will take place next month.

·         Walt Gilmore, SL County Planning has forwarded information regarding the roof snow guards for the Tennis Club.  Ken will make a follow-up visit with the owners of the tennis club.

·         The contractor is procuring a convex safety mirror to be installed at the Crystal Ave location.  The county has funds to pay for the mirror.

Phase 4b: The Draw

·         The county parks department will replace the tree that has died in the south petal of the lily.

·         An underground drain will be installed near the east lily petal.  This area is always soggy because of the clay subsoil. 

Phase 4c: Sugar House Business District

·         This section of the trail is still mostly “on street”.  Members were encouraged to take the survey on the SL City website regarding the new scooters that are on the streets, sidewalks, and trails.  Report abandoned scooters at



Phase 5a: State Street to 300 West

·         Construction drawings are 60% complete.  Construction will start immediately after the drawings are complete.  South Salt Lake City is working on funding for landscaping.

Phase 5c:  900 West to the Jordan River Parkway

·         The US Army Corp of Engineers will review the 408 levy plans for the bridge.  This could take a year.  UDOT has already approved the plan and UDOT is still reviewing the plan.


Board Business:

County Funding – Funding for the completion of the trail may be spread over two budget cycles but the preference of the board is to submit for the full amount in the next budget cycle.

Patricia Johanson - The environmental artist who designed the Sego Lily Plaza and the Echo Canyon Wall at the Draw, will be in Salt Lake Oct 9-11th. Events surrounding her visit are yet to be announced.

Website Updates – Juan will survey board members seeking suggestions for updates and improvements.  Collin Dumke will be in charge of making updates and improvements to the website.

Dodo Dash- The 5K fun run sponsored by the Dodo Restaurant to support Parley’s Trail will be on Sat Sept 29.  Yard signs were distributed for members to place in strategic places to advertise the run.  Sally is going to get it posted on the Sugar House Community Council website.

Trail Signage - A meeting to discuss “user friendly” signage for the trail will be on Sept 17th from 9-10am.  Meggie and Juan will attend to provide input regarding the new signs.

Treasurers Report: Suzanne Weaver

The financial report shows a balance of $1,344.93 in the checking account, $23,791.95 in the money market account, $5.58 in the business savings account, for a final balance of $25,142.46.  There was a deposit of $1,500 from Williams Company for a matching employee donation. 

Suzanne announced that she is retiring from the Treasurer’s position.  Juan thanked her for her years of service and is requesting another board member volunteer for the position.

 Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm