February 2018 Meeting Minutes

Parleys Rails Trails and Tunnels (PRATT) Agenda

Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 11:30 – 1:00 p.m.

Salt Lake County Govt. Center, 2001 South State St., Rm S4406



1.     Welcome and introductions

2.     Minutes – new secretary

3.     Project Updates (Andrea /Walt) -


Phase 3:  2500 East to 1700 East 

Phase 4b:  The Draw at Sugar House

Phase 4c:  Sugar House Business District

Phase 5a:  State Street to 300 West

Phase 5c:  900 West to Provo-Jordan River Parkway


4.     Financial Report - Suzanne 3 min


5.     Board Business

a.      Earth Day planting event.

b.     Ribbon Cutting event planning

i. Sego Lily Plaza

c.      Transients camps in the Draw and along Trail

d.     Adding Board members


6.     Follow-up

a.   Signage on bridges where trail crosses roads

b.  MBAC grant

c.   Website updates

d.   Handout to be subbed with website card

e.  Salt Lake City representative

f.  Veterinary clinic property near Fairmont Park


7.     Other Business


PRATT Mission Statement

The mission of the Parley’s Rails Trails and Tunnels (PRATT) Coalition is: To assist city, county, state, federal agencies and other public and private partners in completing a shared use path along I-80 via Parley’s Creek Corridor and the Sugar House and South Salt Lake S-Line Streetcar Corridor to connect the Bonneville Shoreline Trail with the Provo/Jordan River Parkway.